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Pet Photoshoot

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Pet photoshoot

Our pets become important parts of our family and we all love to look at pictures of pets. Why not take your pet to one of our pet photo shoots? The memories captured will last a lifetime and you will always look back with a smile on your face - guaranteed.

Our shooting options: 

30 minutes photo shooting for 49,99€.

  • Incl. 1 picture as printout and file
  • Max. 3 participants (incl. pets/animals)
  • Choose your favorite photo from about 80 different shots

45 minutes photo shooting for 69,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Max. 6 participants (incl. pets/animals)
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 100 different shots

60 minutes photo shooting for 99,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Min. 7. participants (incl. pets/animals)
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 120 different shots



Picture Tiers

Count Download Download + Print Download + Doubleprint
10 photos €149.99 €189.99 €229.99
15 photos €189.99 €229.99 €269.99
20 photos €229.99 €269.99 €309.99
30 photos €309.99 €349.99 €389.99
40 photos €389.99 €429.99 €469.99
50 photos €469.99 €509.99 €549.99
All inclusive
All inclusive explanation
€489.99 €529.99 €569.99

Pet Photography - You And Your Furry Friend

No matter if you want to bring your dog, cat, mouse, chicken or exotic animals like spiders or snakes, we take unforgettable pictures of you and your furry family member - a memory for a lifetime. We will make sure that you and your companion feel comfortable in our studio. Our specially trained photographers will set the scene and put you and your pet in the spotlight. 

Pet Photo Shoot

Our most popular pet photo shoot is the 45 minute pet shoot. You receive additional cool add-ons and of course you're always welcome to incorporate your own ideas! Bring your four-legged, two-legged or eight-legged pet's favorite accessories or toys and our photographers will incorporate them into the photo shoot. 
During our 45 minute pet photo shoot, the focus is on you and your pet. Our professional photographers will provide you with creative posing ideas so you can focus on your pet.

Tips for your pet photo shoot

It's best to bring your pet's favorite toy to encourage its natural play instinct.
More tips for your pet photo shoot:
  • Please bring "treats" for your pet so you can reward them during the photo shoot. 
  • Basically, we photograph pets of all sizes as long as our equipment and studio size are sufficient. So we ask for your understanding, if we reach our limits with elephants and fleas. ;) But you are always welcome to bring exotic animals. 
  • You want to be in the photo with your pet? No problem! Just bring some outfits to the photo shoot. 
  • We will provide water for your pet! A water bowl is available during the whole shooting. 

PicturePeople - Always near you

You can find our photo studios in all major cities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, for example in Wuppertal, Münster, Leipzig or Aschaffenburg. Our studios are equipped with the latest digital photo and printing technology for perfect results. In our studios, even your pet will quickly feel at home.

The perfect gift idea for every animal lover

Gift your loved ones unforgettable memories for Christmas or their birthday with a gift certificate from PicturePeople. Or would you like to capture the different stages of your pet's life with professional pictures? Then check out our gift voucher store regularly. We always have exciting promotions and deals for your photo shootings.