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Biometrical Passport Pictures

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Biometric passport photos from 22,99

Passport photos don't have to be ugly!
Let us take your best passport photo yet: with a slight smile on your face, our trained photographers will make sure you're happy to show off your driver's license, ID card or passport.
  • Avoid waiting times when demand is high - Simply make an appointment online
  • Passport photos ready to go (6x print 3,5x4,5cm)
  • Normal and biometric passport photos that meet the exact requirements of the authorities
  • For passport, driver's license, ID card, visa, health card, etc.
  • Special formats possible for 5 Euro surcharge

Passport photos from PicturePeople - More than just a slight smile

Your best passport pictures yet! Properly staged, using the right light and with a slight smile on your lips, we make sure that you are happy to show off your ID. Of course, we strictly adhere to the legal requirements for biometric passport photos. A biometric or normal passport photo is needed for the following documents:
  • Identity card
  • passport
  • driver's license
  • Visa
  • Health card
A passport photo is of course not a beauty & portrait photo and a big smile is unfortunately not allowed, but a slight smile is. Our photographers will help you take a passport photo of yourself that you are happy with.

Biometric passport photos - requirements of the legislator

Our photographers are specially trained to comply with and implement the requirements of the legislator for biometric passport photos. This includes, for example, that your facial features from the top of your head to the tip of your chin, as well as the left and right sides of your face, must be clearly visible in the passport photo. For this reason, headgear may not be worn in most cases. Also, your head must not be tilted or turned. The background of a passport photo must be neutral or white. With your mouth closed, your gaze neutral and a very slight smile, you look directly into the camera. 
Your eyes must not be covered by hair or glasses. Our photographers therefore take great care to ensure that the eyes of people wearing glasses are clearly visible in the passport photo and are not obscured by reflections of the lenses or frames. In addition, the legislator provides further guidelines concerning sharpness, contrasts and illumination. This is exactly why you are in the right place at PicturePeople for your passport photos.

Professional passport photos at PicturePeople - always close to you

Need a biometric passport photo fast? Don't take a risk and forget about the unreliable passport photo machines. Instead, visit one of our photo studios near you. Whether in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, you can find us in all major cities such as Dortmund, Stuttgart, Hamburg or Dresden. All our photo studios are modern and have the latest photo and printing technology.

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