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Friends Photo Shooting

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Friends for life - memories for eternity

Invite your friends for a photo shoot.
Capture your friendship in pictures forever with a friends photo shoot. Whether it is just the two of you or a group shoot, the memories created will last for years to come. A friends photo shoot is also a great gift idea.
  • Duration: approx. 30 minutes photo shooting
  • Max. 3 persons. For larger friendships, please book the 45 or 60 minute shooting.
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 60 different shots
  • You will immediately receive a PicturePrint in 15x20cm and the image file

Our shooting options: 

30 minutes photo shooting for 49,99€.

  • Incl. 1 picture as printout and file
  • Max. 3 people - for more people, please book the 45 minutes friends shooting
  • Choose your favorite photo from about 80 different shots

45 minutes photo shooting for 69,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Max. 6 people - for more people, please book the 60 minutes friends shooting
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 100 different shots

60 minutes photo shooting for 99,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Min. 7 people
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 120 different shots

Your photo shoot checklist:

  1. Action: Our photographers will create a feel-good atmosphere during the photo shoot.
  2. Styling: Before the photo shoot, you should agree upon your choice of clothing that you want to wear for the photo shoot. Less is more - jeans and white shirts always look good.
  3. Accessories: Hats, glasses or coats can make for special pictures.
  4. Hairstyling: It's best to do your hair at home. You can perfect your look in our styling area.
  5. Make-up: Your look should be natural. Make sure to wear make-up that makes you feel comfortable.



Picture Tiers

Count Download Download + Print Download + Doubleprint
10 photos €149.99 €189.99 €229.99
15 photos €189.99 €229.99 €269.99
20 photos €229.99 €269.99 €309.99
30 photos €309.99 €349.99 €389.99
40 photos €389.99 €429.99 €469.99
50 photos €469.99 €509.99 €549.99
All inclusive
All inclusive explanation
€489.99 €529.99 €569.99

Friends photo shooting - inseparable forever!

You are a dream team - show everyone that your friendship is something very special. Whether it is with your best friend or several of your closest friends, celebrate your friendship with a photo shoot. Our photographers will make sure you that it is going to be a fun time for you guys.

Celebrate your friendship with us

Our most booked friends photo shoot is the 45 minute photo shoot. Confetti action and fun accessories are ready for you and turn every photo shoot into a huge party. Of course, you can also bring your own favorite accessories or fun decorative elements. There are no limits to your creativity at PicturePeople. 
You love nature and natural photos? Then the on-location friends shooting is perfect for you. During the 60-minute shoot, after an indoor shoot with your photographer, you will head to an exciting location in the studio's immediate area for unique photos in a natural setting.
Your friends and you will be the center of attention - no matter if it's your first photo shoot together or not. With the 30 minutes friends photo shooting you are in the center of the action and will be staged like professional models by our photographers. Our photographers will also be happy to support you with exciting posing ideas, so that you can fully focus on your friendship.
You want to celebrate a huge photo party with your girlfriends, or even your bachelorette party? Then our shooting "Photo Party | Bachelorette Party" is perfect for you - you can party and simultaneously create extraordinary memories with those closest to you.
Tips for your friends shooting 

To make your photo shoot perfect, here are a few tips in advance:

  • Your makeup should be natural and you should feel comfortable with it. 
  • If you prefer bright colors, bring a bright lipstick or fun and colorful accessories.
  • Your hairstyling should be done at home. You can then perfect your look in our styling area. 
  • Before the shooting, you and your friends should agree upon some looks that you would like to wear for the photo shoot and maybe color coordinate your outfits. Feel free to bring accessories, e.g. hats or glasses
  • Whether you want to wear matching outfits, black & white or just your favorite outfit, anything can be exciting. Also feel free to bring several outfits, so you change your outfits during the shoot.

Our locations

You can find our photo studios in all major cities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, e.g. in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart or Munich. We use the latest digital photo and printing technology in all of our studios. You prefer to have some privacy during your shooting? No problem - our studios all have separate, private rooms.

The perfect gift idea for your partner

Surprise your partner for your anniversary or Christmas with a gift voucher from PicturePeople. You love to take pictures and pose? Then a gift certificate for a photo shoot is just the right thing.