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Beauty- & Portrait Photo Shooting

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Beauty Shootings & Portrait Photography 

Enjoy a professional beauty photo shoot in our trendy photo studios. The relaxed studio atmosphere and our professional photographers guarantee you your perfect glamour shot.

Our shooting options: 

30 minutes photo shooting for 49,99€.

  • Incl. 1 picture as printout and file
  • Choose your favorite photo from about 80 different shots

45 minutes photo shooting for 69,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 100 different shots

60 minutes photo shooting for 99,99€

  • Incl. 1 picture from printout and file
  • Choose your favorite photo from approx. 120 different shots



Picture Tiers

Count Download Download + Print Download + Doubleprint
10 photos €149.99 €189.99 €229.99
15 photos €189.99 €229.99 €269.99
20 photos €229.99 €269.99 €309.99
30 photos €309.99 €349.99 €389.99
40 photos €389.99 €429.99 €469.99
50 photos €469.99 €509.99 €549.99
All inclusive
All inclusive explanation
€489.99 €529.99 €569.99

Photo Model For A Day - You Are The Star

Everything revolves around you today! Enjoy our exciting photo studio atmosphere & treat yourself to a gift just for you. Take a break from your everyday life, put on your greatest dress and your favorite shoes so that you feel most comfortable. Our photographers will then make sure you receive unforgettable beauty & portrait photos.
You want professional photos for your sedcard? No problem - with our partner you can create a professional sedcard for your application as a model in just a few steps.

Just go crazy

With the 45 minutes beauty & portrait photo shooting, the studio becomes your stage. We support you a wind machine, a colorful confetti shower or velvety feathers - there are no limits to your creativity. 
Get out into nature! Just like a real commercial photo shoot, during our 45 minute on-location beauty & portrait photo shoot, you'll go out into nature with your photographer to an exciting location near the studio to get the perfect portrait photo for you. 
You'll also get your money's worth during the 30 minute beauty photo shoot. Bring your favorite accessories or decorations to give your photo shoot the kick it needs. You receive your pictures right after the shoot and we'll even gift you a free PicturePrint.
You want to bring your girlfriend to the shoot? Then our friends shooting is just the right thing for you.

Tips for your perfect portrait photo

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable at your photo shoot and that you bring your best smile - our professional photographers will be happy to assist you with everything else. But before we get started, here are a few tips:
  • You don't know what kind of make-up you want to wear to your photo shoot? Don't overdo it - wear make-up that makes you feel the most comfortable in your skin.
  • Your styling should be done at home, but of course you can then fine-tune it in our styling area. 
  • Put together different outfits, you can try out at least two looks.
  • You don't have to be experienced in front of the camera - our photographers will show you poses and tricks that will bring out your beauty.
  • High heels make your figure look especially feminine.
  • Accessories like hats or necklaces make your photo shoot even more playful and personal.

Always close to you

We work with the latest digital photo and printing technology to offer you a unique photo experience. Whether in Oberhausen, Stuttgart, Mannheim or Dresden, we are always close to you. You prefer privacy during your beauty and portrait photo shoot? No problem, all of our studios can be seperated into private areas. 

Put a smile on your girlfriend's face

Whether as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day or for your anniversary, give your girlfriend an unforgettable beauty & portrait photo shoot with our PicturePicture gift voucher and put a smile on her face.