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Bachelorette Party & Photo Party

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Life is a party

Celebrate a photo party or your bachelorette party with your closest friends and let us capture these unforgettable memories in pictures. With a confetti fight or our accessories like hats and glasses, we offer you a great experience and funny photos of your bachelorette party / photo party.

Book our photo party / bachelorette party photoshooting for only 24,99 € p.p.

  • Duration: approx. 45 minutes 
  • Number of participants: min. 4 people
  • The max. number of people depends on the photo studio, so please contact your local studio for further information.
  • Cool add-ons: confetti rain or colorful accessories - anything is possible
  • Each participant receives his or her personal favorite photo as a printout
  • The main person receives the personal favorite photo as a large printout (20x30 cm) including a picture frame

Fancy a city break?

Party wherever you want!

Anyone can celebrate a bachelorette party or a birthday in their own city! Combine your photo party with an unforgettable trip to a beautiful city like Münster, Cologne, Berlin or Munich.

Goodbye Germany

You want to have a cool photo party in the Netherlands or Austria? PicturePeople has great photo studios and photographers in the following cities as well: 
Amstelveen (Amsterdam)
Vienna (Donau Zentrum and Shopping City Süd)

Photo Party | Bachelorette Party - Life is a party!

You need cool photo ideas for your bachelorette party? Want to surprise your friend for her birthday? Or just want to have a photo party with your girlfriends? Then we have just the right thing for you - our photo party | bachelorette party photo shoot. Whether with 4 or 14 people, we will find the right location for you and your friends.

You can design your photo party | bachelorette photo shoot as creatively as you like.

Let your creativity run wild - a crown for the bride-to-be, balloons or other fun accessories like hats or sunglasses - you can bring whatever you want. And if that's not enough for you, we have two great options for you:
  • Option 1: Loud, louder, your photo party! Maximum volume allowed - we'll take the photo shot outside and snap your pictures at a cool location near the photo studio where you can really let loose. The number of people is unlimited. 
  • Option 2: The photo shooting takes place in the photo studio with different backgrounds and accessories.
    You can't get enough of shoots? Then treat yourself to a beauty & portrait photo shoot! Or enjoy a great time with your partner at our couple shoot. 

Tips for your party shooting

The most important thing is that you have fun and feel comfortable, our photographers will take care of the rest. 
Before we get started, here are a few more tips for you:
  • If you haven't already coordinated your outfit as a group, now is the right time to do so. Set the stage for the bride-to-be with the right outfit or choose a common accessory that shows your bond.  
  • If possible, do not wear clothes with large prints or patterns as they distract from you.

PicturePeople - The photo studio near you

All of our photo studios are exciting and modern, creating the perfect setting for your party photo shoot. State-of-the-art digital photo and printing technology ensure great results, whether in Berlin, Bochum, Cologne or Munich.
Surprise your bachelorette with a gift voucher
After the wonderful, but also stressful time with friends and family, downtime is needed! With a beauty and portrait photo shoot or a nude & erotic shoot, the bride can treat herself to new and exciting pictures. Give away the perfect gift with our PicturePeople gift certificate.