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Product & Food Photography

Stand out from the crowd

Whether it's a new product or a tried-and-tested item, high-quality photos and a unique presentation of your offering will help you market it successfully and boost sales. Because nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to stand out from the competition in order to prevail.


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It's all about Fashion

Especially clothes should be photographed on models if possible or on so-called tailor's dummies, because this way unusual patterns and the correct fall of, for example, dresses are better shown to advantage.

In focus: Textiles

A guarantee for optimized results. We specialize in both standard and elaborate lay-ons and deliver excellent and consistent results, even for high volumes.
Through professional image retouching and cropping, we meet our quality and requirements for high-quality product photos. 
  • Photography on the model
  • Photography on the mannequin
  • Photography of laid goods


Our mobile team of photographers will be happy to visit you directly on location. At our more than 70 studio locations throughout Germany, we have enough space to realize great shots ourselves in our studios.

Oh yes, Food

In our PicturePeople Academy, photo productions with daylight are just as natural as productions with classic studio light. However, we are also happy to realize food photography on your premises and make use of your extensive props.


If you have questions about a service, feel free to contact us: