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Live & Event fotoshoots

Guests love highlights

Our photo actions are a real highlight for your event. Depending on your individual wishes, we design a mobile photo set, which is set up directly on site at your event. Whether it's a gala with a red carpet or a glittering party, with great backgrounds and fun props - we guarantee you lots of fun and unique souvenir photos. Of course, all photos can be printed out immediately on site within a few seconds. So every guest, employee or visitor can take his favorite photo as a souvenir of your event.


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Customized event space

Our team will take photos of you and your guests in our mobile photo studio at your event, as well as in various situations such as the reception. In our mobile photo studio, you can view the photos directly and take them with you, as a printout or as a file on CD. Each guest can also easily reorder the photos online afterwards.

Flexible events

The photographers can take photos in the mobile photo studio with the latest exposure and photo technology, as well as in different areas and positions at your event. All pictures can be taken home by the guests directly as a printout or as a file via online platform. Reordering is also easily possible online at a later date.
You organize promotions in your shopping center for various occasions such as Easter or Christmas. We are happy to support you with our years of experience and our mobile photo studios on site. We can print photos in seconds and provide photos as a file for you in a short time. We look forward to working with you.

Prom & graduation photos

The moment has come, finally the result of years of hard work is handed over to you and you hold your certificate in your hands. We will make your big day an unforgettable experience! Our professional photographers will accompany your graduation day from start to finish. You can view your photos in our online gallery after your prom and order them in a flexible way. We capture your memories of this special day.


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